Okay....Here's My Plan

1:38 AM

In the previous post I was talking about writing out my plan according to the Jolley-Good system and man I must admit that takes time. I have been reading what I wrote over and over and over again and it sometimes sounds a little silly but I want to be as specific as possible, which is what the directions say right? Okay so here goes:

1.) Decide What You Want
-A serious career in the Fashion Industry

2.) Write it Down and Be Specific
-A career in the Fashion Industry that will allow me to travel to Fashion Week in not only the 4 majors NY, Paris, London, Milan but also the emerging Fashion Weeks. I want to work with multiple brands and actually use my French.
-I want a career that pays my expenses for traveling, (plane, car, hotel), and entertaining clients.
-I want an office that is intimate enough that I know that it's MY space, but open enough to be inviting and allow me to hold meetings.
-I want lunch dates and conference calls at crazy times because everyone on the call is in a different county.
- I want to be a vital part in negotiations for my brand/employer/company.
- I want to be that Go-To-Girl. The girl that's in the know.
- I want a name associated with a positive image one that makes others say "Oh you have/are working with Mei-Li? You are in good hands/You are all set/It's all going to be fine"
-I want a condo in Paris that has a view of the Eiffel Tower. It doesn't have to be right in front of it, but on a clear night I want to see the lights.
-I want to help guide a brand into international markets without compromising that countries culture or the integrity/vision of the brand.
-I want to sit in board meetings and look at ad/marketing campaigns and how that corresponds with the direction of my client at the time and where the brand is going, but I want to be able to do this with multiple brands, not just one.

4.) Set a Date
July 2011

7.) Develop a Plan of Action
Well....I am applying for jobs in the fashion industry. I am moving to Los Angeles in September to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I am using this blog to reach out to others in the industry and chart my progress and hold myself accountable.

8.) Do Three Things Daily Towards Your Goal
1-Read my blog
2-Reach out to someone in the Industry or trying to get there/Read fashion blogs or sites to stay current
3-Check out and apply for jobs

Now that I have done mine you do yours! Some might sound a bit far fetched but so what! When you are dreaming anything is possible so let's see if we can make the dream inside our heads a reality in our worlds.

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