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For my first Road Map post I would like to highlight a blog that I have been reading for a while now...The Fashion Bomb, check the side for a direct link and daily updates.

Claire, the creator of The Fashion Bomb, has turned her blog into something really special! What I want to highlight today is her section Breaking into Fashion.

Breaking into Fashion features real professionals in the Fashion Industry and how they got there. Covering every profession from Writer to Celebrity Stylist, great advice and insight is given to those who are looking to travel similar Freeways.

I caught up with Claire and she was gracious enough to answer a few questions for me:

1.) What have been your Road Maps to get you to the point you have now reached in your career?

Honestly, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do, but my position right now is a result of a bit of chance and circumstance. In college, I couldn't have truly told you what I wanted to do. I wanted to be everything from an international business woman (whatever that is) to an investment banker! I decided later on that I wanted to tell stories for a living, and pursued internships in Television. Realizing that the hours involved with broadcast journalism didn't mesh with my personality, I took the route of print journalism. I interned at Upscale Magazine and wanted to focus on news; but quickly found myself in the fashion department because that was all they had available! Being in that situation made me realize that I liked writing fashion for magazines...and everything since has been in pursuit of that ultimate fashion editor position. So I completed editorial internships, found myself at a magazine, and have worked in the industry ever since! My blog was just a hobby to let me truly exercise my fun, indulgent, creative side. It goes along with my professional pursuits, so it's a great fit!

2.) What's your advice to your reader who want to best utilize this section on your blog?

Just read the section and take advice! The common thread throughout all the posts is to do internships, develop a passion for your work, and push on even when things aren't going your way. Keep at it! I feel like a lot of people fall off when the pay is low (or non existent), they can't find a mentor, they're not moving ahead. Sometimes success is just a step beyond disappointement. So I'm hoping that everyone who reads the section takes heart in the stories told, and goes for whatever they want in life.

3.) Any Traveling Music? Any songs or videos that helped push you along your journey?

Yup! "Make it Happen" by Mariah Carey.

Thanks Claire that was great advice and I forgot how uplifting "Make it Happen" can be! As soon as I figure out how to embed music I sure will, until then everyone check out The Fashion Bomb and check back for more Road Maps.

~Update~ Check out No Fear, Just DIVA mention on The Fashion Bomb! Here (News and What Nots)

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