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Saturday, April 12, 2008

"I Followed the Voice You Think You Gave to Me"

Congratulate me, I have been accepted to FIDM! I am sooo excited about this. I have been accepted for the Merchandise Product Development program. For full information click the name but here is an excerpt from the site:

Students learn to compete successfully in trend analysis, strategic planning, line development, and preproduction planning.

A lot of people have been asking me what am I going to and what about my business degree? But I am getting this degree in fashion to supplement my degree. There are multiple occupations that one can have with these degrees to check them all click here. But what I would like to do is Product Line Development and Brand Management.

Product Developer/Brand Manager

Control an image. Be responsible for managing the development of all new styles within the total line for a specific brand within the context of the company’s financial plans and business strategy. Develop unique and creative ways to brand the company’s product.
In the long run I would like to do Brand Management with International Expansion. Here is a job description of a Senior Planner, (Note: This is just one description from one company and is not the end all be all of this postition and its potential responsibilities)

The Senior Merchandise Planner is responsible for:

1.) Managing a part of the merchandise planning which may require
  • analyzing current business trend,
  • market feedback,
  • historical data
  • recommending course corrections and improvements based on these assessments.
2.) The Sr. Planner:
  • serves as the key liaison with the Merchant of the businesses they support in the
    development of the plans to achieve agreed upon financial
3.) The Sr. Planner
  • reports to the Director of Merchandise Planning and directs a Planners and Planning Analysts.

So I hope that gives you some incite as to where I would like to take my career and two degrees. Now next on the agenda is Financial Aid and Housing I need a place to live and a way to pay for school. I have been working with my advisor to get this all situated before October so we shall see and I will keep you updated all the way....while listening to Beyonce's Listen which has been my motivation for a lot of this. "And now I gotta find my own...."

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