From One Diva to Another

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One of the things I find so inspiring is when others who have been where you are, are willing to help you get to where you want or need to be. Now you know I am all about Finding your Fashion Freeway and that we all have a different Point B, but what if the Freeway you are on isn't one towards a fashion destination? Well that's where Connectors come in. ( I will have to update that section in the Freeway Finders post)

Connector = The indirect path that still gets you to your Point B. Because we know life isn't a straight shot.

So today I would like to introduce the Connector on my Road Map:

Toby Bloomberg
Bloomberg Marketing/Diva Marketing
~A Social Media Marketing Consultancy~

I am like a sponge on her site Diva Marketing . I have spent hours reading her entries about proper Blog etiquette and how a corporate company can successfully enter the world of blogging. As I previously stated I want to work in Brand Management and Product Development and I can't think of a better teacher/mentor than Toby.

I sent her an email with my usual Road Map questions and she was so great to answer them for me, she even called them "Thought Provoking"!!!!

So here we go....From One Diva to Another
1. What have been your Road Maps to get you to the point you have now reached in your career?
My journey, as yours also seems, was not a straight line. I followed the 'scenic route' instead of taking the expressway or relying on GSP. Sometimes that resulted in getting lost and perhaps a longer trip. However, the adventure has been quite different than if I had traveled with a download of a Google map.
The first stop on a road map can be the most critical to any journey The first stop on my road map would have to be my dad, Lou Bloomberg. "Mr. B" as he was fondly called was smart, kind, wise and wonderful. His vision of marketing was eons beyond the realities of the industry when he started his research business in the ''60's. He never told me once that I couldn't do anything I wanted, even when my travels led to destinations that seemed foreign to him. Most important .. when you take the road less traveled it's nice to have someone to talk to help make sense of it all. He was that person for me.
2. What's your advice to your reader who want to best utilize your blog who has yet to have a career in Marketing/PR/Consulting?
Excellent question. I never imagined that Diva Marketing would be used that way. It is a humbling thought. Thinking about your first question, perhaps Diva Marketing is part of the 'scenic route' that adds fun and encourages your curiosity about Marketing/PR/Consulting and of course social media marketing. Use Diva Marketing as a resource -- there are lots of interviews and lessons learned from talented people including authors from social media to PR, branding and business in general. Categories and search will help you find specific topics of interest.
Use Diva Marketing to jump start your own ideas on how to incorporate social media marketing in an overall strategy that of course supports a business challenge. Use Diva Marketing just for fun. Drop by on Friday's for "Friday Fun" where I some times go slightly off topic. Or download Diva Marketing Talks podcasts into your iPod and listen as your drive along the highways and byways.
Enjoy the community of interesting, smart people who share their ideas and thoughts in comments. Join in on the conversation .. adding your insights will give others a different perspective or validate the paths that they've chosen along the way. The heart of social media to me is the "social .. building relationships that encouraging learning from each other and together. That might be friend-to-friend or customer-to-brand manager.
3. Any Traveling Music? Any songs or videos that helped push you along your journey?
Taking the road less traveled once more .. musicals. Why? They tell stories about people and the songs frequently touch my heart and inspire me. I've written posts and even built presentations incorporating the lessons from musicals. This post was based on Hairspray's "Can't Stop The Beat" song - You can't stop an avalanche as it races down the hill You can try to stop the seasons, girl, but you know you never will. Does that not say social media marketing to you?
Also when you're driving down the road in your pink Cadillac (or PC pink diva Hybrid auto), hair blowing in the wind, songs from musicals are such fun to sing along to especially when you have a friend traveling with you!

As for videos .. I still love the one that my friend Bruce Walker helped me make of Max and his best friend .. a kitty in our neighborhood. The narration by the little girl who owns the kitty is not only dear but rings true. We all need a best friend to travel this road with .. and if we're very lucky we'll find kindred spirits along the way. Why we may even find them through social media .. I've found several!

Isn't she great! I totally can relate to the "road less traveled" seeing as I have just spent the last year teaching English in Korea. However, that gives me experience with another culture that I might have otherwise never been exposed to in such a raw form, which in the long run could give me the leg up on attaining clients that want to expand in the Asian markets. See how it all comes together? Thanks Toby.

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