Getting There: Plan and Strategy

4:06 AM

My aunt sent me a card that I have to admit I took for granted until today. In the card she wrote

"A Jolly-Good Strategy"

This comes from Mr Willie Jolley [check the site here] and he is a motivational speaker. What she sent was a 10 step strategy on how to get from what I call Point A to Point B before you even hit the road. So here we go.....

A Jolly-Good Strategy

  1. Decide what you want
  2. Write it down and be specific
  3. Read your goals 3xs a day
  4. Set a date
  5. Think of it often
  6. Dream and Imagine
  7. Develop a plan of Action
  8. Do three things daily towards your goal
  10. Act like you have ALREADY achieved it.
So there we go. Everyone take the time out to try it. I am about to do that tonight and I will write the results here as soon as I am finished writing it on paper.

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