Which Way is the Best Way?

9:00 PM

My future roommate and I were talking about working in LA to pay rent and feed our fashion habits, and I was telling her about this blog and musing about what I would like to do in the industry and asking her the same. Well during the conversation we kinda got to a fork in the road.

We both want to work in fashion that's obvious seeing as we will both be attending FIDM in the fall, but....which way is the best way to approach finding your career?

You see she has massive experience in other areas outside of fashion that could serve her well in LA and she is thinking of using the skills she has to get a job with flexible hours.

I, on the other hand am struggling with the idea of passing up a great job with 9-5 hours because of classes. I started applying for jobs in the industry in LA (and actually heard back from a company that I really want to work for-until she found out I live in South Korea until August).

FIDM is having a career fair the first week of school for its students. Should we rely on that or look ourselves or both? Should we work in the fields where we already have experience regardless of if that is where we want to end up (Point B)? Can that be considered a Connector or just totally off course?

What are your thoughts? Leave a DIVA Stamp and let me know

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