6:26 AM

So have you ever heard the expression "Feast or Famine"? Yeah that's what I am experiencing right now. Serious feast which is causing a bit of a traffic jam....which actually can be a good I am currently learning.

My former career adviser now sister-friend told me that I have a tendency to "Poodle" , (basically get overwhelmed and go in the corner and shake), but I have gotten so much better because ever since she pointed that out I have learned my triggers.

  • When I am overwhelmed I tend to "shuffle the food around my plate"
  • I look at the same thing multiple times for a long time with no action
  • I play free cell
So now that I know this about myself I have learned how to detect it in its early stages that I may combat Poodling with Productivity.

So recently this is what has been flashing in my brain:

Why? Couple of reasons: (can you see I'm all about lists? It's how I organize my thoughts)
  1. This blog is really important to me and I want to keep it as informed as possible as you guys move along your Freeways, or find them in the first place.
  2. After I became serious about my career I have been all over the Internet and man there are so many resources and companies and interesting things that I want to read, know and learn about, and share with you.
  3. I don't want to look scatterbrained and just have random posts that make sense inside my head but not to my readers.
  4. There are people and companies out there that I view as potential employers and I don't want to approach them in an inappropriate, unprofessional manner. I want them to see potential in me, my blog, and my current and previous experience.
  5. I want my blog to have structure. I want my approaches to be consistent, whether that's with posts or contacting future employers, companies, interviewees.
So this is a taste of what I am dealing with: (last list I promise!)

  1. I want a banner for this blog. Something really cool that has a car and the Fashion Ave sign and the freeway
  2. I want a structured order for my posts
  3. I have come across a lot of great sites and people that I would like to feature on the blog
  4. I have come across a lot of great companies and news sources that I would like to read up on to keep me informed about the industry.
Those two are just at the top of my list...

So I'm gonna take some time out, crank up the Traveling Music, and write out some ideas. If you have any ideas feel free to leave a Stamp, I would love to hear them.

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